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1. Install 7human app on any Android or iOS device

You can download the 7human app from the official App stores.

After the app has been installed successfully you will see a quick check screen which ensures that app is compatible with your device. Just ensure that you see the checkmarks on all the points, if not write to us and we’ll get back to you.

2. Set up the device on your premises
Kiosk (Station) Mode

You need not spend on a expensive bio-metric device for capturing attendance anymore. With 7Human app you can easily utilize any spare smartphone as a attendance station. Further more you can keep this public facing device safe by locking trivial usage and by restricting users interactions to a single app with the station mode.


We have seen that Android smartphones has a very large share of consumers by volume and they are sold in a wider price bands than others, hence we think that most people would have them as a spare device. If you are one among the iPhone users, skip this section and jump to the iOS section. Otherwise just follow along.

  1. Goto your phone’s Settings.
  2. Tap on Security or Security & location. Look for Advanced > Screen pinning menu
  3. Turn on Screen pinning.

These images highlight the above steps in a sequence for your reference:

Once you have followed the above 3 steps, it’s easy to pin an App to the screen.

  1. Launch the 7human app.
  2. Tap the Overview button, in more recent version it could vary but for Android 9.0 and above swipe up. (In simple words, tap the button that shows opened apps and you should now see a pin icon at the bottom right.)
  3. Pin the 7human app to use it in Kiosk mode.

These images highlight steps for pinning 7human app to the screen:


On iOS devices you can leverage Guided Access to setup station mode.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and open Accessibility menu.
  2. Turn on Guided Access.
  3. Select Passcode settings. Then Set Guided Access Passcode.

These images highlight steps for enabling Guided Access:

Once you have followed the above 3 steps, follow below steps to setup 7human app in station mode.

  1. Launch the 7human app.
  2. On iPhone 8 and earlier triple click the Home button. On iPhone X or later triple click the side button.
  3. Tap Guided Access, then tap Start.

These images highlight steps for using the 7human app in Guided Access mode:

3. Additional setup we recommend
  • Turning the screen lock off will ensure touch-less operation using the QR codes.
  • Also it is recommended that the phone is plugged into a wall outlet, so that it is all set to capture attendance at any moment.
  • Ensure that the phone is connected to internet all the time for real-time updates.
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