Capture Personalised Attendance from
Client Location,
Employee Home,

Let your employees clock-in with their selfies or unique QR from the office or anywhere else
No credit card required

How it Works

employee info
Register & add your employees to 7Human
Install the mobile app on any Android or iOS device
Set up the device on your premises or hand it over to the field employee
Ask employees to start taking selfies or scanning unique QRs
Get attendance & performance insights on your dedicated 7Human dashboard

App Features

pin iconQR & PIN Verification

Added layer of security to avoid proxy attendance by only allowing selfies on successful QR scan or PIN verification.

multilocation iconMulti-location

Set up 7Human at as many locations as you need. Designated locations can be set up & managed from a single, dedicated admin console.

geofencing iconGeofencing

Employees will only be able to register attendance at designated geo-locations.

appmode iconOne-app mode

Avoid device misuse and abuse on your designated devices. No other apps but 7Human can be accessed from these devices.

device iconMulti-device Sync

All device data syncs with the central admin console to provide a unified attendance management experience.

You & Your Team Will Love 7human

7Human is simple. 7Human is smart. More importantly, 7Human is designed for humans. And so all existing & upcoming features are built keeping simplicity & real people at the core

Safest attendance tracking
Capture attendance through employees’ own or designated mobile devices. Simple, safe & efficient.

Start using in minutes
No infrastructure & maintenance cost, no installation support. Start using instantly.

Works on any mobile device
Works on any Android or iOS device. Expensive hardware – Not required.

Simple app, Extensive dashboard
Using 7Human is super-simple on the front. Get powerful insights from your dashboard.

No proxy attendance
With attendance verification layers & geofencing features – proxy attendance is passé.

No meddling with attendance data
With 7Human’s secure cloud ecosystem, get authentic attendance data. Period.

How You Can Use 7Human

workforce image
  • You can print/engrave unique QR code on your employees’ caps or uniform.
  • All your team needs to do is scan the QR and that’s it.
  • A snap after that & done
on premises image
  • You can opt for the classic use-case. Just have your employees take a selfie and voila, the attendance is captured.
work from home image
  • As your team members start the work day from home, they can just take a selfie on a designated device.
  • Their home location will automatically be tagged.
  • You just need to review & approve.
onsite image
  • When your employees reach the job location, they can just take a selfie on a designated device.
  • The geolocation will automatically be tagged.
  • You just need to review & approve. You’re done.

Looking for a touch-less attendance system?

Turn any smartphone into a touch-less attendance station for your workplace the 7human app.  It just takes 10 minutes to set it up.